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Featured Stories:

behind the beach art - instagram (1)

Behind The Beach Art

"…I don’t sketch or measure my designs, it’s all freehand. Everyone asks me how I know the proportion or how I’m doing circles. I don’t know how to explain it. I guess there’s just a part of your brain that recognizes space and my brain is good at that…"


From Georgia to Vogue (1)

From Georgia to Vogue Italia

"What inspired me is a photographer-friend of mine who submitted to the Vogue Italia photoblog. I wanted to try, too! It actually took a few submissions before I had some work accepted. I was extremely excited about it!"


The Hats & The Storybooks (1)

Brittany Atkinson about the hats, storybooks, and more.

Brittany Atkinson told ITAS about her childhood influences and development as an artist. Read the full interview.